Faculty Members

Teaching Team


Chen, Ling





Academic Degrees

Ph.D., Computer Science (Data Mining), University of Queensland (UQ)
Master of Computer Science, UQ,
Master of Information Technology, UQ,
Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy major), National Taiwan University


Researcher, Clarivate, Australia
Research Developer, TrademarkVision, Australia
Internship, Hunan Research Centre for Hypertension, The 3 rd Xianya Hospital, Central South University, China
PhD candidate, University of Queensland, Australia
Research Assistant, University of Queensland, Australia

Advisee Student Works

Master Program

  • Healthcare usage prediction for home healthcare patients using deep learning: A case study of a hospital in Taipei City
  • Automatic artery segmentation in coronary angiography based on deep learning
  • Deep learning-based automatic left atrial segmentation on echocardiography for subclinical atrial fibrillation patients
  • A web system for AI-based Cardiac Image Analysis

In-Service Program

  • An Age Estimation System Based on Facial Wrinkles Features using Deep Learning Technologies
  • Fluorescent cholangiography-trained deep learning system for identifying extrahepatic bile duct during laparoscopic cholecystectomy
  • An automated fake news detection model and platform using Text Mining and Machine Learning Technologies – A case study of health news from Content Farm

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