Faculty Members

Teaching Team


Chen, Yun-Yi





Academic Degrees

Ph.D., Healthcare Policy and Management, National Taiwan University
Master, Healthcare Facility Management, National Taiwan University
Bachelor, Nursing, National Taiwan University


Project Assistant Professor, Institute of Hospital and Healthcare Management, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Consultant, Research Department, Shin Kong Wu Ho Su Memorial Hospital
Research Assistant, Internal Medicine Department, National Taiwan University Hospital
Research Assistant, Nephrology, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital
Research Assistant, Liver Center, Cathay General Hospital
Research Assistant, Healthcare Policy and Management, National Taiwan University


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Advisee Student Works

Master Program

  • The Association of Continuity of Care and the Trajectory of Hospice Utilization in Advanced Stage Cancer Patients near the End of Life
  • The Effects of Pre-ESRD Care Program on Prescription Quality and Short-term Outcomes

In-Service Master Program

  • Exploring the quality elements of the self-funding clinic in the Kano and IPA model -Take a regenerative medical clinic as an example
  • Using PZB Model and Importance-Performance Analysis to Explore the Service Quality in an Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic
  • Using PZB Model and Importance-Performance Analysis to Explore the Service Quality in Emergency Department
  • Causes of Blood Donor Deferral and Associated Factors among Young People: Experience in Taipei Blood Center
  • The Study of Social Media Engagement for the Nonprofit Organizations: A case Study of a Regional Hospital's FACEBOOK fans page.

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