Faculty Members

Teaching Team

Honorary Professors
Name Title Specialities
Chang, Luke S. Professor Hospital management.
Lin, Fang-Yue Professor Healthcare Management Practices, Hospital Management, Cardiovascular Surgery, Emergency Medicine
Chang, Hong-Jen Professor Biotechnology Industry, Public Health, Healthcare Policy
Wei, Cheng Professor Hospital Management, Surgical Practices, Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, Heart Transplantation


Name Title Specialities
Lang, Hui-Chu Professor Health Care Management Research Methodology, Medical Decision Analysis, Medical Technology Evaluation, Health Care Management Seminar
Huang, Nicole Professor/Chair Health Policy and Medical Quality
Lin, Kuan-Chia Professor Statistics, Health Risk Evaluation, Community Health
Deng, Chung-Yeh Professor Health Policy Formulation, Medical Specialities
Pu, Christy Professor Health Services Research, Health Economics, Public Health
Lee, Wei-Ju Assistant Professor Geriatrics, Cohort Study, Healthy Longevity
Chen, Ling Assistant Professor Smart Healthcare, Deep Learning, Medical Image Analysis, Big Data Analysis
Pan, Mei-Lien Assistant Professor Healthcare Service System, Data Authorization and Privacy Protection, Big Data Analytics of Genomic Biomedicine
Chen, Yun-Yi Assistant Professor Healthcare Facility Quality Management, Healthcare Services Study


Name Title Specialities
Wu, Shiao-Chi Professor Medical Care Policy, Long-Term Care Policy, Evidence Based Health Policy, Medical Quality, Biological Statistics, Health Services Research
Chou, Yiing-Jenq Professor Health Policy, Medical Economics
Chen, Liang-Kung Professor Family Medicine, Community Health, Long-Term Care, Geriatrics
Lee, Kuang-Sheng Professor Stem Cell Biology, Tissue Engineering
Yang, Hsiu-I Professor Medical Laws, Life Ethics
Chen, Yu-Chun Associate Professor Medical informatics, Family Medicine, Community Health Management, Health Data Analysis
Lin, Bertrand M.T. Professor Scheduling Theory, Operations Management, Discrete Optimization
Rei, Wen-May Associate Professor Genetic Technology, Laws & Ethics, Reproductive Technology, Laws & Ethics
Dong, Yaa-Hui Associate Professor Pharmacoepidemiology, Healthcare Information Analysis, Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis
Peng, Li-Ning Associate Professor Geriatrics, Geriatric Syndrome, Physical Frailty and Sarcopenia, Family Medicine


IHP International Course Teaching Team
Name Title Specialities
Hsu, Yea-Jen Associate Professor Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality Promotion Plan Evulation


Name Title Specialities
Tang, Gau-Jun Professor Health Care Management Practice, Hospital Management Practices, Hospital Organization Change
Lee, Cheng-Hua Professor Health Care Management Outline, Medical Economics, Hospital Planning Management
Chu, Da-Chen Professor Hospital Management
Wang, Shyh-Jen Professor Innovative design
Lee, Wui-Chiang Professor Healthcare Quality, Patient Safety, Risk Management
Huang, Song-Gong Associate Professor Medical Marketing Management , Hospital Strategy Management , Medical Marketing and Strategy Management
Tan, Shing-Chao Associate Professor Finance and Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Hospital Finance Management, Medical Management Accounting
Lee, Chung-Chih Associate Professor Project Management
Lan, Tzuo-Yun Associate Professor Population Health
Yin, Hui-Wen Assistant Professor Hospital Management


Name Title Specialities
Woung, Lin-Chung Professor Hospital Management and Health Management, Healthcare and Sports Science
Hsu, Yuan-Nian Professor Hospital Management
Su, Shong-Iee Professor Supply Chain Management, Scitific Management,
Yen, Hung-Shun Professor Hospital Management
Lin, Chin-Feng Professor Hospital Management
Chiu, Hsien-Jane Professor Hospital Management
Hung, Fang-Ming Professor Patient Safety, Risk Management
Lee, Pei-Yuan Professor Orthopedics‭, Hospital Management, Translational Medicine, Innovative Entrepreneurship
Chang, Yu-Feng Associate Professor Medical Law
Hung, Tzu-Jen Associate Professor International Healthcare Practices, Healthcare Industry Development, Performance Management and HR Development
Chang, Wen-Hsin Associate Professor Hospital Management
Chien, Li-Chien Associate Professor Healthcare Quality Management , Emergency Medicine
Chiang, Hsueh-Ping Assistant Professor Hospital Administration Management
Pan, Ren-Hao Assistant Professor Bigdata Algorithm and Data Mining, Medical Informatics
Chiang, Shu-Chiung Assistant Professor Biostatistics
Liu, Han-Hsi Assistant Professor Global Governance Health, Information Privacy, Intellectual Property​


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